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CampHERO - Grades 9-12

CampHERO is an opportunity like no other. Be prepared for a real-life experience that is designed specifically for you! Spend a week living and training just like professional firefighters, EMTs and police officers. You’ll ‘bunk’ at ‘the station’ (Camp Brandenburg) and train with your ‘crew’. The week is packed with activities from all three careers. Check it out!   

What girls have to say...

I had the opportunity to attend CampHERO last summer and I had the time of my life...The people I met that week are some of the best people in on this planet...I made so many memories, including answering the Lieutenant of the SWAT team's cell phone saying it was a pizza joint!  -Kaitey

You're surrounded by people who actually know what they're talking about. -Caitlin M.

I will have a network of people to go to if I need them, to mentor me.  -Bri C.

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