Friday, February 26, 2021
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CampHERO Staff

Volunteer during camp!  Be part of the amazing CampHERO Staff!

CampHERO Staff Organizational Chart.pdf

Featured Volunteer Positions:

CampHERO Crew Leaders have the most responsibility and gain the biggest rewards during camp!  Crew Leaders are responsible for and directly supervise groups of girls during camp sessions!  Choose the age(s) you'd like to work with, make the commitment and watch wonderful things happen as you mentor girls!    Crew Leader

Would you like to run errands and help out however you're needed?  Be a CampHERO Gopher!  You could find yourself doing just about anything!  No special skills required!

Firefighters, EMTs and Police Officers are needed to serve in the role of Instructor!  Lesson Plans and equipment are provided! You just need to teach!  If you're not feeling ready to be a lead instructor, consider being a Instructor Assistant.

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