Registered Camper

 2 pair closed toe shoes (REQUIRED on
CampHERO Training Grounds) including at
least one pair of athletic shoes
 A t-shirt for each day: CampHERO, Girl Scout
or plain (non-branded)
 1-2 sweatshirts, sweaters or fleece jacket
 1-3 pairs of shorts for fitness activities
 Comfortable long pants for each day-at least
one pair with belt loops (jeans are OK) (LONG
Training Grounds)
 A sturdy belt that buckles
 Pajamas or sweats to sleep in
 Underwear for everyday plus EXTRA
 Bras for everyday plus EXTRA
 Socks for everyday plus EXTRA
 Swimsuit (for swimming not sunning) and 1
beach towel
 Shower shoes (flip flops/sandals that can be
worn while showering)
 Baseball hat
 Bandana
 Rain gear, a rain coat/pants is best, but a
poncho is acceptable
 1-2 shower towels (suggest quick dry)
 Shower supplies: washcloth, soap,
shampoo/conditioner, etc.
 Deodorant
 Toothbrush, toothpaste & floss
 Brush or comb
 Hair ties/clips, to keep hair away from face.
 Sanitary napkins or tampons (if needed)
 Sunscreen
 Lip Balm
 Mosquito repellent (non-aerosol only)
 Flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries
 Water bottle
 Day pack- to carry daily essentials
 Pillow and pillow case
 Warm sleeping bag & Sheet
 Medications (see instructions)
Optional Items
 A small fan (recommended in hot weather)
 Cell phone (note our policy)
 Money for souvenirs
 Camera & film or digital camera & batteries
(not connected to a phone or iPod)
 Lotion, other toiletries
 Stationery, stamps, pens, journal
 Cards or quiet games
 Laundry bag for dirty clothes
 Something to read
 Stuffed animal

Make sure these forms are done before camp