Volunteers FAQ

CampHERO’s success relies on its volunteers!  You can volunteer before, during and/or after camp!  You can dedicate a couple hours or spend two full weeks at camp!  We’ve got jobs that range from chopping carrots, to leading girls!  There’s sure to be something that fits your interest and schedule.  You can be part of the staff, planning team or both!  Check out the questions and answers below for more information. 

How do I become a volunteer for CampHERO? 

Click on the Volunteer Application link and complete the form!  Volunteer Application

What are the requirements for volunteering?

All CampHERO Volunteers must:  Be at least 16 years of age, have been accepted after completing the volunteer application process (which includes a background check), complete the CampHERO orientation and training appropriate to position, be able to work with people of diverse backgrounds, adhere to all policies, standards and procedures for GSUSA, Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Badgerland Council and CampHERO, fulfill the duties listed in the appropriate volunteer position description.

 Are there any special requirements?

CampHERO volunteers with the following responsibilities must be or become current registered members of GSUSA and pay the annual $35 membership dues (financial assistance is available):   Volunteers who are responsible for the direct supervision of girls, volunteers who handle money or financial records and volunteers who have access to the personal information of girls or volunteers. 

Do I have to be a professional in the protective services to volunteer? 

No! Our volunteers come from all walks of life and we have something for everyone! Let us know where your knowledge/expertise lies, and your availability and we will find the job that’s just right for you! 

What do I wear while volunteering?

We encourage volunteers to wear their CampHERO t-shirt (our gift to you), a Girl Scout t-shirt or a non-branded shirt.  Volunteers who work in the protective services can wear their department’s casual uniform. ALL volunteers on the training grounds MUST wear long pants and closed toed shoes. If you are teaching a specific skill that requires additional uniform components, such as turn out gear, please provide your own or make arrangements with CampHERO ahead of time to borrow it.. 

What jobs could I do at CampHERO?

There are many different choices!  You can choose to do one job or several.  Here’s a summary of  some of the positions we need to fill during camp:

  • Lead Instructors run the scheduled lesson according to the plan.  Previous teaching experience is helpful and some level of expertise in the content is needed which varies (e.g. teaching CPR requires expertise and certification to do so, but teaching first aid to kindergarteners just requires basic knowledge and the ability to teach it).  CampHEOR provides all the lesson plans.  The lead instructor oversees assisting instructors.
  • Assistant instructors help the lead instructor to deliver the content.  Some knowledge of the content is helpful, but as in the example above, not always required.
  • Crew Leaders oversee crews of girls throughout the day and night.  This role comes with the enormous responsibility of making sure girls are safe, happy, on schedule and always accounted for!  Crew Leaders are needed for both day and overnight shifts. Crew Leaders must be or become Girl Scout members as they have direct supervision of girls and access to personal information.
  • Crew Captains support the Crew Leaders in any way necessary.  They give Crew Leaders breaks, help manage behavior, and lend a hand whenever needed.  Crew Captains are needed for both day and overnight shifts.Crew Captains must be or become Girl Scout members as they have direct supervision of girls and access to personal information.
  • Health and Safety Officers serve our campers and volunteers directly.  They proactively work to make sure the site is safe (helmets worn, staying hydrated, etc) and respond to emergencies as well.  The HSO is also responsible for administering medications.  This position requires licensing as a Paramedic, RN, PA or Physician.  
  • Gophers are ready and willing to do whatever we need!  They often times will run errands, shop or help with paperwork.  They might be found cleaning, shuttling equipment or making phone calls.  
  • Food Service volunteers help to keep our campers and volunteers happy!  You might find yourself preparing or serving food, shopping or cleaning up.  
  • Dispatcher/Head Quarters Managers are volunteers who ‘run the radio’, making sure all the groups get to where they need to go at the right time.  They assist with greeting volunteers and visitors and keeping our headquarters humming.
  • Operations/Equipment Managers set up, take down and manage equipment needs for programming.   Basic knowledge of the equipment used in the protective services is extremely helpful!  
  • Photographers take awesome pictures of CampHERO campers and volunteers.  We provide the camera and download all the photos.  You just have to point and shoot.  Some knowledge of photography is helpful but not required.
  • Administrative Assistants help the Incident Commander with office type tasks.  Computer skills and basic knowledge of WORD, Excel, Google docs are required.  Ability to learn other software (such as Better Impact) is highly desired.
  • Check In volunteers help in several different ways.  You might be asked to greet campers as they arrive, manage name tags, hand out t-shirts, do a head check, check medical information, direct parents and campers or collect luggage.  This is a short opportunity that occurs on several different occasions.

There are other positions available as well.  If you have a particular talent or skill and aren’t quite sure where to fill in, just ask! We’ll help you out! If you’d like to llook at the ALL the detailed job descriptions click here:  Job Descriptions

How do I sign up for a shift?

CampHERO uses Better Impact for volunteer management and scheduling.  You create a profile in Better Impact when you apply and login when you are ready to sign up.  Detailed instructions are provided to all volunteers.  You can log into Better Impact at this link:  Better Impact Login

Do I have to be at camp everyday?

No, unless you WANT to be at camp everyday! Most CampHERO volunteer positions can be shared! We will work with you to make volunteering for CampHERO fit in your schedule. 

Do I have to stay overnight?

The only positions that require an overnight stay are Crew Leaders for grades 6-12, the overnight Health & Safety Officer and the Camp Incident Commander. 

What’s a camp name?

It is a camp tradition that volunteers go by a special of ‘nickname’ rather than their real name.  If you don’t have one already, we’ll help you!  Examples include: Yoda, Tigger, Lucky Charm, Grips.

What is the CampHERO Leadership Team?  

The CampHERO Leadership Team is a group of individuals who have taken on a leadership role and are planning, gathering resources and getting camp ready to go! Most members of the CampHERO Leadership Team also volunteer during camp. The Leadership Team meets once a month as a large group and as often as needed in their sub-committees. If you are interested in learning more, email us at CampHERO4girls@gmail.com

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Contact Jen Roman (Yoda), CampHERO’s Chair at CampHERO4girls@gmail.com